Scent of the Delta Movie Pitch

Making an impact on representation through branding

Pill glass
The Scent of the Delta movie pitch branding explores the meeting point of two cultures, defining the meaning of Vietnamericana.
What I did
Identity design

Vietnamese American stories have yet to be told and represented today. The Scent of the Delta movie seeks to defy that through the big screen. The stakeholders needed branding & a pitch deck to have the right investors on board. This movie explores self-identity, healing intergenerational trauma, and shares at least one perspective of the 800,000 Vietnamese refugees.

We pulled inspiration from notable cultural references and found similarities between landscapes where Scent of the Delta takes place. This allowed us to create authentic, strong, bold visuals that embodied the resilience of Vietnamese Americans.

The theme of convergence can be visually told through red stripes that run across both the U.S. and South Vietnam Flag.

The Mississippi River Delta and the Mekong River Delta shared similar climate conditions and opportunities for Vietnamese refugees.

The shape of Vietnam resembles a scent-like shape with a bit of gaussian blur.
Pulling inspiration from cultural staples to be reflected in the final design.
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